I was given many dried chiles recently.  We’ve used some for cooking hot, spicy food and I’ve had them in a bowl while I was waiting to find the time to make a ristra.  

What with planning our wedding, getting married, going on honeymoon and all, I’ve only just now gotten around to it.  I think the hot weather has inspired me and I’ve been wanting to use my blue bowl for other things.

I found a post on how to make a ristra and gave it a shot this morning.  It seemed very complicated and once I finally figured out how to tie a slip knot, one of the chiles would invariably slide out from it’s cluster.  So I went into my studio, found a needle and thread and simply stitched them together, running the needle through the stems.  The ristra is hanging near our spice shelf, ready to add some heat to our meals.


2 thoughts on “Rrrrristra

  1. I have noticed hanging chiles before, but did not know this is called ristra. I love to see chiles hanging in a kitchen, along with kitchen herbs.

    I love the chiles in the blue bowl.

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