A snapshot of my boring, normal life

Today, I received in the post the August, 2010 (Vol 46 No. 8) copy of ‘Small Printer:  The Monthly Magazine of the British Printing Society‘.

The editor Les Taylor got in touch with me several weeks ago and asked if he could write an article from a post on my blog about finding mapograph map rollers and stuff at a Sunday market.

I was chastened to find my blog address quite prominently displayed at the bottom of the article and described as ‘exciting’.

I (and Steve and I) have been really busy doing not very newsworthy things.  What have we been up to?  A seemingly endless round of parties, dinners and social engagements, both as invitees and inviters, eg, the first ever Fourth of July BBQ in Moretonhampstead, a midsummer party in a hidden garden wherein we met the local Dartmoor Faerie Guild, a Champagne Dinner with some friends who couldn’t come to our wedding in May and on Sunday, a High Summer Double Leo birthday lunch to celebrate our birthday week.

Our first outing as Mr & Mrs Schwakhofer-Coxon of Moretonhampstead

We’ve been shopping to complete our trousseau – a new marriage bed, a new sofa, some Le Creuset cookware and the remaining items on our wedding list.  Cooking and eating fabulous food.

Cooking ratatouille on my 47th birthday

I’ve been finishing my quilt to drop off at the NEC and am just about to start designing a 1 metre square quilt, to be made from organza and based on the paintings and stained glass of Marc Chagall.  During our birthday week, we went to a day spa in Nottinghamshire and to Giffords Circus followed by dinner in the big top in Gloucestershire.

So one on hand, I’ve been too busy to find time to blog and on t’other, I’ve been busy doing things that don’t seem interesting enough to write about.

But what a thrill to be asked to share my writing with print lovers no less!  My grandaddy George Neil Martin was a printer back in Conway, North Carolina in the 1920’s and 30’s.  I love to incorporate my poetry and writing into my fibre art and am always searching out new fonts on the internet, so love of words and how they’re composed, down to the shapes of the letters is in my blood.

So here’s a snapshot of my life for my new visitors to Inspiraculum.  And an explanation to everyone else about what in the heck I’ve been up to!

Beautiful leftovers

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