Angelic art making

Today my dear friend Philippa brought three of her lovely friends over for a day of creativity and wonderful food.  I taught a class on making vessels from Angelina.  I love seeing how each person creates, bringing their art making experience and own creative spin to the process.

Caroline’s vessel was like a wide open flower

and she made a butterfly to sit within it.

Katrina made her vessel with fiery hot and ice cool colours, lots of movement, growth and twining tendrils.

Kay’s vessel was of the ocean with a secret sea lily hidden at the bottom of it.

Philippa chose warm autumn colours to reflect the changing of the season with twinkling stars and magical leaves.

She reminded us that today is the autumn equinox.  The day that the sun crosses the celestial equator and day and night are equally long.  Light and dark are held in balance.  The day began and ended cool and misty, with brilliant end of summer sunshine puring through the window during the creative time.

Holding the balance

We finished with a wonderful lunch, contributed by all of the angels.

Angels Caroline, Philippa, Kay and Katrina,

Pudding was Philippa’s ‘light as angel feather’ Friands and Caroline’s Late Summer Hedgerow Fruit Coulis.

A heavenly combination

These lovely ladies meet monthly as the Collaging Queens, and I hope to join them again sometime in the future for another day of creativity and great food.


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