Stirring in the Belly

Steve asked, ‘When does Spring begin?  Is it 21st March?’  I said, ‘No!’  The dates for the seasons on the calendar are to me quite arbitrary.  I’ve mused about this before on Inspiraculum.

For me, the tippy toes of springtime begin now.  Imbolc, or St. Brigid’s day is an Irish festival marking the beginning of spring.  Most commonly it is celebrated on February 1 or 2 which falls halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere.  Christine Valters Paintner, my SOMA abbess, writes about Imbolc beautifully here.  On Saturday, Steve and I walked with a couple of friends to the Ring of Bells pub in North Bovey  for lunch.  It is still grey, chilly and wintry, but for the past few days there has been a mighty, mild wind blowing which shakes the last of the dead leaves from the trees and hedgrows and clears away winter’s cobwebs.  Our friend Penny shared that she has been doing some clearing out.  This is such a perfect time of year for this.  To let go and get rid of unuseful stuff and to clean the cobwebs away.  Spring cleaning.

I’ve been noticing catkins on some of the trees, lambs in the fields and I saw my first snowdrops yesterday, at the base of a hedgrow.  Signs of spring and new life!

This year feels like a new year for my artwork to blossom in a new way too.  For the past few years, I’ve been a bit reclusive and introverted about my artwork.  In fact I made three important pieces last year which I haven’t shared on my blog yet, but plan to do very soon.   Here’s one of them called ‘Equanimity’.

My studio will be on the Secret Studios Trail at the Moretonhampstead Festival of Food, Drink and Arts on 5th March, 2011.  I’m planning to hang my art quilts all over our flat and am really looking forward to meeting my visitors.  As a member of the Devon Artist’s Network (DAN) I am going to be at an art exhibition at RHS Rosemoor Gardens from 8 – 10th April and will be offering my cafetiere covers, petit pot holders, brooches and a few other things.  Have I mentioned that I am making beautiful and functional items for sale to adorn people’s homes and clothing?

In preparation for my studio guests and to facilitate my burst of production, I’m giving my studio a revamp.  Nothing too major, but I have disassembled (and am selling) the single bed which used to nestle under the window.

I’d intended it as a nap bed (but I always use our wonderful, Euro King-sized bed) and we’ve had a scattering of guests use it over the past couple of years (but we now have an über-comfy sofa bed in our living room).  Today, Steve helped me take it apart and we also shifted some things into the storage area that the bed used to block.  There’s quite enough space left over for me to store some big things (batting, my collection of tulle and organza, some big art quilt patterns) in there.

A new space to create

I am of course keeping my mother’s sewing cabinet.  I brought this with me twelve years ago when I moved from California to Scotland, and six years ago when I moved to Devon.  It has only been since I have been living here, with my biggest studio space ever that I have room for it in my studio.  I’ve actually never used it for notions, as my Mom did.   Maybe if you come to my Secret Studio on the 5th, you can have a peek into the drawers!

My mother's sewing cabinet

I went onto the IKEA website and printed off a shopping list of shelving units, a wall mounted fold-up table and a desk top shelf to replace the bed.  My wonderful Steve is going to pop into IKEA when he’s in Bristol midweek and pick everything up for me.  I also ordered a great storage system for all of my printer paper.  I’m so excited to be shifting my studio space around and making it more efficient.  In fact, my goal is to make my art studio as easy to work in and tidy up as our kitchen/food studio is.

Life is quickening all around.  What new things might be starting to stir inside of you?


4 thoughts on “Stirring in the Belly

  1. How fun to have new space to create and decorate.

    It is good to feel the stirrings of creative juices. Changing up your studio will probably open more doors than you imagine.

    Usually I have goal set and resolutions for the new year, not so this year, it will be a year of unfolding as I go. I’m growing to love it!

    Wishing you continued blessings!

    • Magnolia, I normally don’t make New Year resolutions but it really feels like the season to clear space and unblock doors. I have such a bouyant feeling ever since I removed the bed that was blocking the door. Frees up the space, but the access to the door feels very important. Not just for storage, but t feels like flowing energy can circulate freely now.

  2. Simon and I noticed the unfurling snowdrops also on our weekend walk and the tips of the tulip bulbs we planted near Willow’s grave are just starting to push up. Jen x

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