In the eye of the hurricane

Two weeks after I started my studio re-vamp .  .  .  .  .   Steve and I have been back and forth this weekend to IKEA and B & Q for shelving, lighting, varnish and all manner of storage.   We’ve tried to go to Jewson’s twice for some insulation board called Sundeala that I have cut to size, paint white, hang on the walls and use for pinning all sorts of things onto.  The first time, we got there just after they closed and yesterday, I’d forgotten my cutting list at home.  It was actually a blessing in disguise, because I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with all of the work involved and the 5th March Secret Studio date approaching.

Here’s the current state of affairs:

After we went to IKEA on Sunday, we went for brunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Bristol, River Station.  French toast with maple syrup and bacon for Steve, and eggs Florentine and a glass of Prosecco for me.  It was a very nice lull in a busy weekend.

River Station brunch

After a couple hours of painting my new pine shelf units with white stain, I got pretty grumpy and knocked off to make grilled chicken breasts, gratin of chicory and honey roasted baby carrots for dinner.  It was the best thing I could have done.  I love cooking so much. It’s relaxing and creative and I love being in our kitchen/food studio.  I’ll write up the recipe in a couple of days.

Oh and by the way, the flags for the Moretonhampstead Flag Festival went up on Friday.  Here’s my ‘Summertime’ flag flying outside of our house.  It’s 6′ x 2′ and made from recycled tent and hot air balloon fabric, using reverse applique techniques.   More on this later, too.


Our town looks great with about 35 flags flying.   They’ll be up through the Festival of Food, Drink and Arts.   It’s been too  grey and rainy to get any piccies, but I plan to go out tomorrow with my camera.

So it’s all coming together and Steve keeps telling me how great my studio will be when I am finished, which heartens me.  He’s been working from home, which is great, and being a centering presence amidst the chaos.



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