Traveller’s rest

This image, taken in my studio yesterday, pretty much sums up how I’m feeling at the moment.

The joy that I feel when the swallows return in summertime, the relief of arriving home after a long journey, faith in the unseen mysteries of navigation.

My studio re-Vamp is complete and I’m looking forward to welcoming familiar friends and meeting new ones in my space this Saturday.  I love the new spaciousness and order I have made in my studio, and I’m excited about what new creative and artistic adventures I will set out upon from it.

A few days ago, I shared my original concept of  Inspiraculum with my online group SOMA.  It is an actual place where individuals or groups can come for a day or a week to recharge and create.  I have committed to leading a mask-making workshop this summer, where participants will not only make and decorate a mask molded on their face, but will explore what the mask means – is it the face we hide behind, or a part of our self we wish to show to the world, or  .  .  .  .  .  ?

I will also welcome my 250,000th (quarter of a millionth!) visitor to Inspiraculum sometime in the wee hours of tonight.  Not that I am keeping count, but it feels like a milestone for my little blog which I began four years ago to keep my friend in California up to date with my happenings and life.  What a journey it has been and I take heart that some of you have found Inspiraculum to be a place of pleasure, inspiration, solace, exploration  .  .  .  .

Most of all, I feel the wonderful sense of place and belonging which has for so long eluded me.  Home inside and around me, a place of rest and renewal.


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