Saying ‘Good-bye’ to Solstice Moon

Solstice Moon is the first quilt that I designed and made after I moved from Southern California to Scotland in 1998.  I was in furniture school and made a piece which combined textiles and wood, and which also captured the soul of my first “proper” winter.  Solstice Moon was inspired by the winter countryside in East Lothian, Scotland.  The long, dark nights; Guy Fawkes Night bonfires and Celtic fire festivals; the ploughed fields, ready for winter wheat and potatoes; the bare trees; the wheeling ravens, rooks and crows; and of course the beautiful moon that lit up the long, dark nights.

Solstice Moon

“During the Winter Solstice, the longest night of all
arrives to wrap the earth in darkness.

During the old Earth Festivals
celebrants marked this turning point,

honouring the darkness and celebrating the return of the sun
by lighting bonfires and candles.”

Solstice Moon - detail

For the past 12 years, it has been a constant companion in my life.  Many of my other quilts were too large to hang at home and have rotated in and out of display, but Solstice Moon has witnessed my searching for and journey Home.

Gardener's Cottage, Scotland, c. 2001

Cider Barn, Devon, 2007


Our first Thanksgiving, 2009

At our Home, Devon, 2011

A woman who came to visit my Secret Studio three weeks ago, fell in love with Solstice Moon and now it has gone to a new home.  I spent the last couple of weeks saying ‘Good-bye’.  I removed the quilt and have loved looking at the empty frame.

I re-sewed the buttons onto the back and stitched my marque onto it.

My marque

I hung the quilt in my studio back to front.  This was originally going to be the front of the piece and it has been such a perfect image to live with in these remaining days.

This afternoon, I spent some final time in my studio, saying ‘Fare Thee well’ to Solstice Moon.  Of course I’ll be able to visit it in it’s new home and the new owner has graciously agreed to let me borrow it occasionally to exhibit.  I do feel sad about its going and very happy that it has gone to a person who loves it.  Today we spoke about who owns a piece of art.  Art is a possession and can change hands, but I think that Soul Art belongs to no one and to everyone.  As a Soul Artist, I feel that the things I create come through me, not from me.  Deep food for thought and more to come on this.

This bird has flown


4 thoughts on “Saying ‘Good-bye’ to Solstice Moon

  1. I, too, love this quilt. I can see why you bonded with it. I enjoyed seeing “Solstice Moon” in its very special frame. I hope you will do more along this line. Your creations are beautiful! … glad I found your site. My work is with very small pieces of fabric. Please view fiber art by Kathy Bourgeois and see what I do with scraps.

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