Sacred Threads

I realise I’m not the type of fibre artist/art quilter who jumps up and down and shouts everytime I make something new, get juried into a show or receive a commisison.  Sure it’s great to be chosen and wonderful that people value my skill enough to pay me for my artwork, but I do it because I love it and not to carve out my identity.   I do see how I could easily get caught up in the outside accolades and maybe this is why I downplay them.  One of my pieces has recently been juried into a show which is a very big deal to me though.

Today, I shipped ‘Winter Trees Wept‘ to Virginia where it will be in the Sacred Threads Exhibition from 22nd June to 4th July.  I felt a pang at saying ‘Au revoir’, but am so very pleased that it is going to be in this amazing quilt show.  For Sacred Threads isn’t just an ordinary quilt show:

“Founder Vikki Pignatelli and the other committee members wanted to create a dignified exhibit of artwork that would touch all those who viewed it on both spiritual and personal levels. We wanted to share the experiences of quilters whose stories would be a source of healing and strength for others by allowing the artist to submit a statement which would be exhibited with the artwork that described the meaning or inspiration for the piece.  We also encourage attendees to complete artist comment forms if they are particularly moved by a quilt – these are returned to the artists with their quilt.”

For the exhibit, quilts are divided into categories based on theme. These are Expressions of Joy, Spirituality, Inspiration, Grief, Healing and Peace/Brotherhood.  The artwork themes provide thought-provoking insights, encouragement, inspiration and healing responses to grief and human hardships.

Winter Trees Wept

I am so happy that my quilt will be seen by people and in a setting where depth of view is encouraged and expected.  Last night I spent some time with ‘Winter Trees Wept’ in my studio and lit a candle to honour my Muscogee ancestors.  The ones who came this way before me.  I have inherited such strength and such an awful, aching grief from them.  I want to know the things I fear have been lost forever.  Who do I belong to?  How to speak the language of the forest?  How do I utter the slow wisdom of the sun-baked stones in a dry riverbed? Or dance like a gliding swallow, navigating a river of morning sky? Or chart the wily, winding course of a field and hedgerow hopping fox?

Though I may lack the fluency of tongue, my hands shape and tell our stories and all of these things through my artwork.

Steve and I are  about to travel to the South of France for ten days to celebrate our first wonderful year of marriage.  One of the highlights for me will be going to the Musée Marc Chagall in Nice.  Chagall is my favourite painter and the inspiration for ‘Le Mariage du Fleuve et du Ciel’ or ‘The Marriage of the River and the Sky’, a quilt I made last summer for a show at Hever Castle in Kent.  Here’s me with the quilt in a maxi dress I got for our anniversary trip.  Looking forward to coming back inspired and maybe catching you all up on some of my backlog of creations and achievements, in my own quiet and subtle way.


2 thoughts on “Sacred Threads

  1. Melinda! You are a beautiful artist of beautiful things! When you said you were a fibre-artist I had no idea that I could expect this kind of magnificence. What a gift that we met (and shared the most expensive taxi ride of our lives) between Arles and Stes-Maries-de la Mer! I will be following your lovely blog and will be in touch. –Emily

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