A little while back, I was inner-viewed by North Carolina based fiber artist
K. Grace Howes. I met Grace in 2007 when I was on walkabout on the mid-Atlantic seaboard and deciding about where (UK or US) I wanted to plant myself.

I loved answering Grace’s questions because she asked about what is beneath the surface of my artmaking.  I took my time over it and found the opportunity to think about and focus on where I’d like to be heading in the next 5 years.  You can read my ‘inner-view’ here.  BTW, Grace has shimmied her blog to RedBarn Studios where she writes about her artmaking and all of life that happens in between and inside of what she makes.

One of my desires was ‘to show my work in places where there is space for contemplation and which invite a sacred and soul experience’.  Shortly after I sent my musings off to Grace, I was invited to submit an image of my first art quilt to be included in ‘Presence: an International Journal of Spiritual Direction’.  This isn’t a quilting magazine, or even an art magazine, but a forum for people from a diversity of spiritual traditions to explore the art and ministry of spiritual direction.  Each issue has about six pieces of artwork interspersed throughout.

Presence, March 2010

The quilt is ‘Dreamtime at Zion’, the first quilt that I designed and made in 1998.  It was based on a very relaxing week I’d spent camping in Zion National Park in Utah.  I wanted to capture the sleepy, golden, sun-infused time in late Autumn when the busy-ness of harvesting and gathering is over and the world begins to quietly settle and await the coming of wintertime.

Dreamtime at Zion (40" x 60") 1998

I’ve recently been asked by ‘Presence’ to submit another of my quilts for their September 2011 issue, which is great.  I am reminded of the power of stating my dreams and desires, and filled with gratitude for those rare souls I meet along the way who ask and listen.  Thank you Grace.


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