A Country Ramble

The work on my commission is going really well.  I’ve been working on it most days when I’m at home.  I went on a walk ‘around the block’ on Monday, to have another look at hedgerow leaves before I stitched many more of them down.  I especially wanted to find some hawthorn leaves and berries, just to be sure of them.

I live in a Dartmoor town which is surrounded by fields and moorland.  One of my favourite walks begins by heading west out of the town and after about 5 minutes, I reach a public footpath.  I always feel like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole!

There are some fantastic tree roots on either side.

The footpath opens up into a field which usually has livestock in it.  Right now it’s sheep.

A bit further on were some beautiful Devon Ruby cattle

The bull keeping his eye on me!

Further on, I paused for a view of Moretonhampstead, my hometown.

Some of the fields are scattered with late summer daisies and clover.

A Devon ‘green lane’

The latter half of my circuit is along a paved single track road, with a few passing places.  I usually meet at least one car, tractor or person on horseback.  I love the stretches where the trees meet overhead, especially on a hot, sunny day!

Guernsey cattle

Long before paved roads and signs, this granite cross has marked this intersection

Hospit Cross

One the last leg of my journey, the early evening sun lit the foliage from behind.

Contre jour ferns and birch

Hawthorn leaves

By the way, I’ve been looking into the Celtic meaning of the trees whose leaves I’ve used to frame my Green Woman — hawthorn is a symbol of union of opposites, and serves as a message for us to be more accepting of the unconventional.

Hawthorn leaves and berries

I usually run along this circuit and enjoy each beautiful view,

but it’s great to walk it with my camera and take the time to peer and notice all of the small, beautiful details.

Thistle & bee

Elegant decay


Moretonhampstead all decked out with summer flowers and bunting for the annual Carnival.

Towards the High Moor

Looking east towards St. Andrew's Church

Finally . . .

Home again, home again, jiggetty jog


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