Thin Red Line

Over the winter break, I made a duvet cover for our marriage bed to harmonise with our wedding quilt ‘Cleaved‘ which hangs at the head.  Cleaved is made from white and slate grey silk and scattered with red rose petals printed onto fabric.

Over the summer, we’d found a duvet cover with red roses at Dunelm Mills, but the colour wasn’t right and it had polyester in it, so we took it back.  I did some searches on the web, but couldn’t find the one in my mind’s eye, so I decided to make one myself.   I bought a 100% cotton cover, chopped off the top and spliced in some gorgeous white on white rose fabric with a thin line of red piping.  It sounds pretty easy (and it was) but it took me an awful long time to get down to doing it.  I’m funny that way when I do something new.  It takes me a while to get the courage to start.

I have a piping foot for my Husqvarna sewing machine which I didn’t end up using.  The online tutorials I looked at used a zipper foot.   BurdaStyle gave an easy step by step guide to making the piping and this post from J Stern Designs showed how to insert the piping.  Once I finally got started, it took about 4 hours to make.  I just had to be very accurate and do lots of pinning!

Snug Bear

My next big project will be making a Provencal quilt from the same rose fabric with some red and slate grey fabric in it somewhere, with a scalloped edge.  Probably not as detailed as this example though!  I’ll see what develops  .  .  .

Detail of a white cotton boutis quilt


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