Breakfast of Sickos!

You’ve heard of  ‘Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions’, right?  In the 1920’s Wheaties cereal began advertising on baseball field walls.  Throughout the 1930s, Wheaties increased in popularity with its sponsorship of baseball broadcasting, and by the end of the decade, nearly a hundred radio stations carried Wheaties sponsored events. During these events, athlete testimonials about Wheaties were used to demonstrate that Wheaties was indeed the breakfast of champions. Also in the early 1930s, athletes began to be depicted on the packaging of Wheaties, and the tradition is continued today.

I came down hard with stomach flu a few days ago and haven’t been interested in food whatsoever.  However, hunger pangs struck yesterday and I was faced with the dilemna of what to eat that wouldn’t outrage my still tender stomach.  So I updated my status on Facebook and learned about the BRAT diet from my cousin’s wife.  Banana, rice, applesauce and toast.

This morning I cooked white rice with chopped banana.  Very tasty, especially when I added a pat of butter!

Comfort food

I’ve also been laid up in bed, with books.   Among others, I’m re-reading ‘Knight’s Castle’ by Edward Eager.  It’s from a series of great magic/fantasy/adventure books written in the 1950’s which give a nod to E. Nesbit’s wonderful books.  Both have been favourite authors of mine since I was a child.  There’s something about being at home sick that brings out the kid in me and a desire to return to childhood comforts.


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