The river journey continues . . . .

I’m having a great time working on my River of Dreams bed quilt.  It’s very physical work – big bunches of heavy fabric and I’m quiling it on my Bernina 1090.  No long arm quilting machine here!

The fabric is very sensuous and feels wonderful to my hands as I run it through the machine.   Moss-soft velvets, crisp taffeta & silk dupioni, heavy brocade and slippery satin.  I feel completely confident about figuring out the vagaries and anomalies of stitching together such a diversity of different fabric weights and textures.  Its a fun challenge.

The colours and solidity of the textiles I’m using remind me of many of my earlier, bright, hand-dyed and batik fabric art quilts.  I love my design which marries traditional patchwork of the forest floor and the free-flowing river.

Shaping the river banks

I put in eleven hours yesterday and nine hours today.  Steve’s away so I’ve taken over the kitchen, too.  Actually, I started in the kitchen on Monday and Steve just scootched over to one side.

Prepping the batting, prior to pinning up

Tonight’s dinner was leftover Pepper Steak a al Dukan w/ Mashed Celeraic & Low-Phat Philly, eaten at 10pm from an ironing board dinner table.

Artmaking dinner

So by 11pm, I got the River of Dreams quilted and cradled by the forest floor.  Time for me to dive in so’s I’ll be fresh tomorrow morning.  Sweet Dreams, everyone!

River of Dreams


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