I have the strands for at least three interesting posts in my hand.   Not sure how deeply I want to delve into them tonight.  Just listening to Jazz FM and feeling late night lazy.

I didn’t do much of anything today really.  Got up at 10am.  Took lots of photographs of things around our flat and some self portraits of me as Mighty Mouse and either Sonny Liston or Joe Lewis.  Had Little Joe Dukan for breakfast at 3pm.  Designed my gallery page and wrote an email to my webmistress about taking my website forward into cyberspace.  Listened to music all day and posted a lot of it on Facebook all the while chitty-chatting with some of my FB buddies.  Called my Mum in Law to wish her a belated Mother’s Day.  Had a Diet Cherry Coke Float with Morello Cherries for this week’s Celebration Dessert.

I would like to share today’s top pic(k) though.  I love way our kitchen lights shine through our chair backs onto the seats I’ve painted.  Here’s a composition, including our doorstop, and haiku I wrote tonight.

From a place of safety,
caged bird flies
to explore her world.


– Melinda Schwakhofer, 2012


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