Anomalous Wines

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary:

anomalous, adjective, 1640s, from L.L. anomalus, from Gk. anomalos “uneven, irregular”.  Inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected.

We’re having a Pan-Asian Stealth Dukan Dinner Party tomorrow night.  Nothing too special.  Just some new friends to dinner and they won’t know (until we tell them) that they’ve been gently Dukanised.  But we are offering wine with the meal even though we’ll only have a glass each.

It’s this Australian Dry Reisling we had on St. Patrick’s Day when we served homemade Corned (for 3 weeks in brine, no nitrates) Beef, carrots, cabbage and potatoes (not Steve) and Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp (not Steve), but he did have a glass of the red Sancerre which was AMAZING.  Not only because it was RED, but it was delicious.  I only had a sip, but it was like a Beaujolais with surprising, hidden depths.  Our good friends with excellent taste brought it to dinner along with some Irish Cream Lindt truffles.

I had a glass of the Dry Reisling (some food/wine pairing website recommended Reisling or Gewürztraminer with Corned Beef).  I bought one bottle of each of those and found the Lodge Hill Dry Reisling at our Co-op market.  Doesn’t sound quite right, because as you know young Reislings can be on the fruity and aromatic side.  What grabbed me was the word minerality on the back of the label.  I love a good bottle of white Portuguese wine from the Douro area, which has a cool mineral taste not unlike having a river stone in your mouth.  This Aussie Dry Reisling was incredible.

Lodge Hill Dry Reisling.  Ask for it by name.

‘Lodge Hill’ produced this gold medal winning wine as well as the 2010 vintage which was awarded the Douglas Lamb Perpetual Trophy at the 2011 Sydney Wine Show. These back to back wins demonstrate the consistency of this vineyard.”

So anomalies are a goof thing.  Ooops!  Meant to say a “good” thing. But that would be waaaay too Martha Stewart.  But then I did use her Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp recipe.  I’ll write that up later on.  Steve’s just back and has me otherwise diverted.

Red Sancerre & Dry Reisling

But read on for a moment, so I can share a pearl of wisdom with you.

"Diet Cherry Coke is the Merlot of Soda Pop"


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