Following a dream

When I show my bed ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ this August, it will be in the round, meaning that the bed will be viewable from all angles, front and back.  When I made the headboard quilt, I backed it with some yellow-green fabric I’d dyed and a very simple label.

I spent Monday laboriously unstitching and removing the label, but keeping the machine quilting intact.  I spent the past two days painting the back of the quilt.  For some moments I wondered what I was doing.  I rarely practice a technique or work a design out on paper.  I just know how a thing should be and try to give it the space to emerge.

I’m into woodcuts and really like how the quilted outlines and details didn’t take up my fabric pastels and paints, giving my forest landscape a hand-hewn quality.  I sponged most of the paint on.

I did quite a lot of the painting last night and thought of old fairy tales of women venturing into the nighttime forest, either by choice or by banishment.  Women who are different,  women who are ‘other’.   Women whose vision is focussed on farther horizons than those about her can see and who speak answers to questions still half-formed.

It takes an incredible amount of courage to follow one’s Dream.  It can feel dangerous or risky to fly in the face of convention, to turn one’s back on what is on offer and to walk towards a life which is yet to be crafted.   I’m going to write these words onto the back in antique gold lettering.

As I cross the threshold of the Forest of Dreams,
my deepest longing is rough-hewn in the gloaming.
The trees gather round
to mind me through the night.
As I fall into sleep, does my Desire become a Dream?
And when I wake, will my Dream become Reality?

'The trees will keep her safe'


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