Love lives

I asked Steve to compose some words for me to inscribe on my valance.  He emailed me a poem last night and I read it first thing this morning.  Then opened it a second time, read it and printed it off.  Both times it brought tears to my eyes.  It rings so true and each stanza relates to an element of the bed.  The words and language fit what would be inscribed around a monumental brass for a medieval couple.  It’s perfect.

I could go on to say that Steve is like Mozart* in that he conceives or is gifted an idea, slips it into his jacket pocket, close to his heart, fingers it from time to time, listens to it metaphorically rustle when he leans over, then Voila!   One day, he sits to write and out it comes.  Flowing from his fingers.  Perfect.  No editing.  And nine times out of ten,  it doesn’t need any.  (But I’ll be the first to let him know if it does.)

Anyhow, with no further ado –

Enter the Forest of Dreams

Sleep. Let the forest enfold thee.
Watch. Let thy eyes see light in shade.
Hear. Let thy ears be open to silence.
Dream. Let thy soul be still.
Love is imagined.

Walk. Let thy soul be thy compass.
Feel. Let thy heart be bold, and cautious.
Know. Let hope take root, deep anchor.
Touch. Feel the river flow, and its bounty.
Love is found.

Sleep. The world is done.
Sleep. Thy love is found.
Sleep. The dream is made.
Sleep. This earth is thine.
Love lives.

Steve Coxon
April 2012

In the Forest of Dreams

* I have it on good authority that Mozart used to compose music while he was playing billiards, then sit at his escritoire and write it down as if he was taking dictation from God.


4 thoughts on “Love lives

    • Definitely the fruition from it’s inception in 1999. I love how it has, and is continuing to transform in the 4 months that it’s been out of storage. Looking forward to showing it in Birmingham this August!

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