OK, I’ll admit it.  I’m putting off the decorating.  We’re re-painting our flat, an activity that I initiated, but I get really bored with sanding, priming and painting the trim.  But I have been researching Pat Sullivan’s Felix the Cat.  He was the first animated character to draw cinema audiences (of adults) and was hugely popular in the 20’s, in fact more popular than the live silent movie stars and world leaders of the same era.

From 'Woos Whooppee'

Here’s Felix in Fairyland, a feature length cartoon from 1923.

There were also several popular songs written about him.  Paul Whiteman was the leader of dance bands in the 1920’s and produced recordings that were immensely successful, including Felix! Felix! Felix the Cat!

Felix, Felix, Felix the Cat,
Welcome, welcome, home to our flat.
You fascinate me with your funny meow;
I’ll feed you catnip and sweet milk from the cow.
Felix, Felix, in our backyard,
You can hang up your hat.
Make your pillow underneath a pussywillow,
Felix, Felix the Cat!

Recorded by Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra, 1928 with Bix Biederbecke on trumpet.

OK, back to my decorating.  As an incentive, I’ll be thinking of some more Felix the Cat stuff to blog about!


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