im·pas·sioned adj. Filled with passion; fervent

Still painting our flat.  Still a bit tedious.  I feel like Sisyphus.  Only with paint.

I paint one wall.  Then touch up the trim.  Then discover where the wall needs to be touched back up  .  .   .  .  .  .  .

Steve’s lucky.  He can escape to Buckinghamshire a few days a week.  But he’s always happy to come home and do the tedious (to me) detail work.  And he’s great at it!  Patient and thorough.

Me?   After we started on this re-decorating lark, I kvetched* about it to a couple of artist friends.  They both agreed that DIY is horrible.  As my artist/hair dresser Libby says, ‘Decorating is great fior the first hour’.  We visual artists have the vision, but loathe the ploddingness of DIY.

It’s weird.  I can spend ages fulminaing over the craftmanship and construction of one of my art pieces, but when it comes to DIY, I want a quick fix.  I have the vision and want the result NOW!  I’m quite appalled that I can quite rapidly become the worst sort of obsessive-compulsive, perfectionistic bitch during a bout of DIY, even when I’m not actually doing the work.  Afterwards, I apologise profusely to Steve and he says, ‘Don’t worry about it.  It’s just DIY’.  Wonderful!

Anyhow, where this may (or mayn’t) be leading to is that my husband and I are re-decorating our flat in our fourth year here together.  It’s discombobulating as we’re living in semi-chaos and looking great!

The cool thing I did today was finish painting one of our bedroom walls an impassioned and fervent colour of red.  I proposed the hue, and we both chose this particular colour, Redcurrant Glory.  This is the wall at the head of our marriage bed, upon which hangs our wedding quilt ‘Cleaved‘.

This is one thing I’m very good at.  Picking colours.  I’ll post some more piccies when the room is put back together.

Today was the first sunny and dry day for a fortnight.  I went into Exeter (missed the Queen’s visit by a hair) and bought these beautiful pussy willows . . . . . . .. . and finished painting the wall when I got back home!

*To complain persistently and whiningly.


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