stra·tum, n. pl. stra·ta or stra·tums

A horizontal layer of material, especially one of several parallel layers arranged one on top of another

I’ve been re-sizing jpeg’s and writing copy for the art quilt gallery in my new website.  Working out how I want it to flow on the page.  I’ve designed the five galleries so that people can just look at the images or they can go to a deeper page if they want to read a little bit about the how and why, when and where of a particular piece.   I’ll also have links to blog posts which will give even more background to a piece.  My webmistress Clare is great and is able to advise me on what can and can’t be done technically and the best way to go about achieving what I’m after.

I’m working backwards chronologically because I have so much work that never made it onto my old website, or even onto this blog.  It has been an interesting process to revisit each year and see what I made (or didn’t make).  It’s fascinating to read the geological record of my life through my artwork. Each year is an era and each technique/design/piece tells me the stratum of that period in my life.  My body of artwork isn’t just stuff I’ve made, each piece is a waymark on my journey Home.



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