Namaste is the Divine spark in one person recognizing the Divine spark in an Other.  The word Namaste translates as “I bow to the divine in you” or  “The spirit in me respects the spirit in you.”  The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra.

“I honour the Spirit in you”

Greetings, Namaste, Welcome!  To many new (in the past few months and weeks) followers and likers of Inspiraculum.

My mudra, my spiritual gesture, is both of my hands open and cupped, to offer and to receive.   I am a seer and crafter of beauty and it is my hands which give form to my inner visions.  Not from me, but through me.  I like to think that my inspiration is the Divine.

Heart in my hands

I’m pleased that many of you are finding something that you like (and might like to return to) here at Inspiraculum.

Inspiraculum, n. A place to breathe, dream, explore, be inspired, find your Self.
Spirare: to breathe in, to uplift the spirit + aculum: a protective structure

I don’t reblog.  I write all my own thoughts, conjectures, observations, imaginings, memories and dreams.  I won’t spoon feed you, but promise to give you lots of food for thought, as well as words and images to nourish your Soul.

I probably won’t come to your blog and write ‘Thank you for liking/following my blog” and do the whole crumb trail/trackback thing.  You may not believe this Dear Readers but there are some bloggers who view Cyberspace as a popularity contest or commercial enterprise!  Shocking, but true.

But I will come and see what you have to offer.  And appreciate and/or comment in my own quiet way.

And to my readers who have been here for awhile, thank you for being here.  Namaste.

Info Sources:   Wikipedia, Humanity Healing Network


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