I was planning to write about my fantastic progress on the kitchen, but this caught my eye on the way back from the gym this evening and says it all.


I find this time of year very Masculine what with all of the thrusting, vigorous new growth happening.  It’s the rising of the Earth energy and the strengthening of the Sun’s power. We’re in the quarter of the year leading up to the Summer Solstice.   It can be exciting and high energy and with wisdom, very focussed.  It feels good to be in the flow with it.

I’m turning in early-ish tonight to read some thrill-lit* and get a good night’s sleep before more kitchen decorating adventures commence on the morrow.  I’ll catch y’all up real soon!

*thrill lit, n., is genre fiction which is basically a trashy crime story complete with dames, booze and guns, double crossing, treachery and murder most foul, but written by A Writer of Literature, which makes it completely respectable!


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