Splendid Summer Bunting

I am so enjoying getting up and NOT putting my painting clothes on!  We’ve finally finished, although I will be painting my studio pretty soon.

This weekend, I put the non-orange portion of the kitchen back together, after having finished painting it on Friday, and gave everything a jolly good scrub, eg, floor, top of fridge, toaster, in the process.

Today, I brought my sewing machine into the kitchen and spent the morning making bunting guided by a super-easy bunting tutorial from Josie at Homemade & Happy.

I used some of my hand-dyed (by me!) and batik (store-bought) turquoise fabrics to bring a splash of blue into the kitchen and to add to this Summer’s festivities.

We’re having houseguests this weekend and a bunch of our friends over on Sunday for an Innaugural Brunch to celebrate our newly decorated flat, the Queen’s Jubilee, our 2nd wedding anniversary and just about everything else.

Let the festivities begin!

It’s so lovely in here.  Sunny outside and warm enough to have the windows open.  I’m going to switch sewing machines and do some mending that’s been piling up, while enjoying the birdsong streaming in.


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