Super Duper Gesso

I’m finally getting back to my artwork now that we’ve finished decorating our flat. When I show ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ at the Festival of Quilts this August, and at other galleries, it will be in the round so I’ve decided to paint the back of the quilt which hangs from the headboard.

Enter the Forest of Dreams

When I made it, I used a hand-dyed yellowy-green fabric.

I took my fabric paints and pastels to it a few weeks ago,  but not being a painter-type artist I don’t know about things like underpainting.  So there was a yellowish glow that came through.

First Draft

I then got some white fabric paint and went over what I’d done, but again I had a learning curve to do with overpainting dark fabrics.  Once the paint dried it became semi-transparent.

So last week, I called the good folk at Art Van Go who carry all manner of supplies for dyeing, printing and surface designing fabric.   I told Kevin exactly what I was trying to achieve and he posted me a jar of Jacquard Super Opaque White Fabric Paint.  This isn’t the first time they’ve saved my neck.  You can’t really online shop from their website as their catalogue is a PDF, but they take telephone & mail orders.  Their most valuable resource is their knowledgeable  staff.

Finally, the right product!

Blank Canvas

By the way, anyone remember MAD  Magazine?  I grew up reading it in the 1960’s when I found a stash in our garage.  I remember my Mom sayiing I shouldn’t read them or I’d ‘grow up to be cynical’.  Well, I carried on and grew up only somewhat cynical.  I love the humour!  I still have many issues from the 60’s and several of the paperback versions.

Part of my MAD collection

“Superduperman” is a satirical story by Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood published in the fourth issue of Mad (April-May, 1953). Lampooning both Superman and Captain Marvel, it revolutionized their format, leading to greatly improved sales.  Until Mad #4, the magazine had been a relatively poor seller.

Superduperman!, Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood, 1953


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