British Summertime

Today is the Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year.  Not that we’ve seen much sun today or even recently.  Today was a day for staring pensively out of the window at the endless rain.

Rainy rooftops

I have to admit that the lack of warmth and sunlight have been getting to me. However, I’ve been staying cosy at home.  Turning the heating on and dressing in my silk, wool and sheepskin loungewear.  Steve came home tonight after a few days away.  I made baked chicken and roasted vegetables for dinner.

Hot and spicy!

Baby carrots, courgettes, tomatoes & red onions.

We had Pimm’s for an aperitif to celebrate the solstice.

I went out especially to buy some flowers and found these gorgeous peonies.  I’m looking forward to watching these open up over the next few days.

So summer’s not so bad after all.  Just a bit greyer, colder and wetter than I’d like.  Still, as long as I can bundle up, pour a glass of Cabernet, bask in the glow from the kitchen light and (guilty pleasure) read some chick-lit, it’s pretty darn good.

Caught in the act


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