LampQuest 2012

Lighting is very important in our home.  We prefer dimmable, ambient light where possible.  We have a great 1950’s overhead light in our kitchen.  We found it for a fiver in a charity shop in Totnes and replaced the rather pedestrian light that was in situ when we moved into our flat.

We also have several light sources scattered around the periphery of our kitchen, all from IKEA.  This one lights up our spice & condiment shelf.

This one illuminates a food prep/serving area.

This one helps the person doing the washing up to see at night.

Illuminating our tea & coffee corner.

We strung a garland of leaf fairy lights from Debenhams around the window.

Since we now have two tables in the kitchen, we use it a a place to eat, work, hang out, make art and food.

We have a floor lamp, but the problem is that while it casts a pleasant, ambient glow, it doesn’t get light where we need it if we’re working at the table.  We’re not able to hang a pendant light from the ceiling because it’s an Edwardian house with a plaster ceiling and we’d be asking for trouble if we start to mess with it.  So the ideal lamp would be floor or wall based.

We found this Tolomeo floor lamp from Italy, which was nearly right, but the base would get in the way.

However, I found this lamp made by light “creator-assembler” Olivier Abry, based in Lyons, France.

It will be perfect for our needs and I love the colour which will pick up on our orange wall.  The only hitch is that his lamps are one of a kind, so we don’t know if it’s still available.  Olivier sources industrial lighting from old factories and rebuilds them for domestic use.  Anyhow, I emailed him today with a couple of photos of our kitchen and specifying our desires:

  • For a light which we can mount above our noticeboard on the wall.
  • Ideally, we would be able to be raise it vertically and move it laterally, depending on what is happening at our table and where we need the light to fall.
  • We’d also like to be able to dim the light if possible.
  • We probably wouldn’t wire it into the wall, but would plug it into a power point/electrical socket.

We”ve found everything for our flat so far by thinking long, and sometimes hard, about exactly what will work.  Then we let it go into the ether and sooner or later we stumble across precisely what we desire.  So, I have a feeling that we’ll have the perfect overhead kitchen table light source in place soon!


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