Embracing the rain

We’re having a bloody wet and cold summer here in Old Blighty.  Steve and I went into Exeter last weekend and everyone seemed really grumpy.  I admit that I started losing my sunny-side-up optimism and began grumbling right along with everybody else.  Apparently the jet stream, a zone of fast moving winds, typically flowing around the globe about six miles above the earth’s surface, is lower than normal, which is making a wet, cool summer for the British Isles.

I’ve been feeling the lack of sun.  I miss the warmth of sunlight on my skin and the low pressure system responsible for the wet weather has been dampening my spirits somewhat.

Sunrise glow before ascending into the cloud cover

Normally the afternoon sun floods in through our west facing kitchen windows.  The last time we had a long stretch of sunny weather was back in March, as evidenced by the calendar!

Basking in my kitchen

The other day, I rode the bus into Exeter for work.  I used to take the 7:30 am ‘commuter’ bus, filled with sleepy students and tired wage slaves.  Now I get the 9:45 am bus for my very civilised 11:00 am starting time.  It’s a jolly bunch on this bus, people going in to shop or have lunch.  As more people got on the bus at each stop, they laughed with each other about the horrible weather.

I know people who complain about everything and it’s kind of a drag to be around them.  I don’t want to become like that even about the weather.  Apparently this current weather system may last through September.  The laughing people on the bus reminded me that I can choose how I view my world.

When I alight from the bus, I have a 5 minute walk across town to work and I thought, ‘I’ll look out for what lovely and different  smells and sights the rain brings.  I’ll find what is good about it’.  Right away, I noticed how sweet the rain smells, the shiny surfaces of the streets and buildings and how pretty flowers look sprinkled with raindrops.   I bought a new brolly from Laura Ashley, charcoal with light grey polkadots and fuschia trim.  I’ve been looking out for a new raincoat and stopped in my favourite lingerie shop, which also sells outerwear, and saw a gorgeous German trenchcoat that I plan to go back and try on when I have some more time.

Stormy skies and diagonal slashes of rain

Hedgrow leaves

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea blossoms


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