Just time for a quickie today. Here is our perfect Sunday.

We slept in after hosting a Mexican Dinner Party the night before (guest of honour:  pork (as in Sweet Melinda’s Kick Ass Carnitas)); washed the dishes and put the kitchen back together; ordered a lamp from French créateur & assembleur de luminaire, Olivier Abry, for our kitchen; went into Exeter; Steve bought me a pair of summer shoes – suede grey Converse Star Players; we saw ‘Looking for a Friend at the End of the World’ (best movie I’ve seen in ages) at the cinema AND the sun came out.  So we celebrated with Pimm’s and a great dinner of Mexican leftovers.

Tomboy Chic

2 thoughts on “Basking

  1. love your shoes. looks like a glass of iced tea. fresh fruit. maybe you just went for a run, or are ready to run, or none of the previous statements. go to hear a shout out from you. ;-}

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