The Lunchbox Project #1

This really isn’t a project at all.  I just liked the title.  Although I did briefly think about having a series on what meals I take to work in my collection of lunch boxes.  So it’s a maybe occasional, maybe a one-off post.  But I called it #1, just in case.  I like to keep my options open at all times.

Today, I took my Stanley lunchbox into work.  I love this thing.  I bought it for 10 cents at a swap meet in Blythe, California during one of my solo desert camping trips, circa 1989, off of this dried up, crusty old dude.  After the transaction (in which I did no haggling) he said ‘Where you goin’?’ and I said, ‘East’.  My bus pass is in the red plastic holder.  (We’ll get into English WWII memorabilia another time).

My lunch today was the remains of last night’s dinner.   Leftover roast vegetables slathered with Lloyd Grossman Tomato & Chili Pasta Sauce for One w/ whole wheat spaghetti.  Yum!

I love the dress code at my new job where everyday is Casual Friday.  And I don’t even work on a Friday!  I sported my new grey suede Converse  Star Flyers, skinny Gas jeans and a Tommy Hilfiger top I bought about a million years ago at TK Maxx, Edinburgh.

Working Girl


2 thoughts on “The Lunchbox Project #1

  1. Way cool, way to go, and way to much fun.

    I have run up on a few lunch boxes myself lately. Harley Davidson, and another one I forget the name. Anyway, I was thinking of buying me at least one lunch box.

    We are RV traveling the midwest USA, Kansas at the moment, then east, then south, then home to Florida.

    great post.

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