Hip to Be Square

We went to a party on Saturday night in which the theme was ‘Square’.  Steve went as a famous square in London.  I made his ensemble on Friday night, which consisted of a hat

Detail of hat

and a further clue . . . . .

Ship’s biscuit from the HMS Victory

Most people got it pretty quickly when Steve said he’s a London square.

Steve as Trafalgar Square a la Lord Admiral Nelson

Lord Admiral Nelson as Himself

I focussed on the food, of course.

Chocolate Battenberg Cake

After Eight Cupcakes

At the last minute, I decided on my rather obtuse costume: a square in major European city.

Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam

I wore a grey linen swing top over a long-sleeved black T-shirt and linen trousers with random squares of 4 brooches pinned to it.  The brooches are made from my photographs of Amsterdam printed onto silk.  Rembrantplein is around the corner from where I usually stay when I visit the city.  One of my artist friends said that my grey and black palette reminded her of Rembrandt’s use of chiaroscuro.  So it worked, after a fashion.

Michael Forever, Thirty Two, Houseboat & Vespa

I invited our hostess and birthday girl, performance artist and actress Lucy Patrick to choose a brooch for her birthday present.  She was dazzlingly arrayed in blue and white checks and a T-shirt with her age, squared, on it. 2704.

You can do the math.  Steve and I figured it out doing the ‘guess and check method’.

Some of the other guests –

I couldn’t resist.


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