The Sleeve of Invisibility

Apparently, there truly is a Cloak of Invisibility, as fictionalised in the Harry Potter novels.   Scientists have developed a ‘metamaterial’ – a new flexible film able to manipulate light rays in a manner that renders solid objects invisible.  Sounds like fun fabric to make wearable art from!

I finished my ‘invisible’ hanging sleeve for Suncast Shadows.  I whipstitched an organdy sleeve to the back and hung it this morning for the acid test.  I have a perspex lath which I use for my other transparent quilt –  ‘Le Mariage du Fleuve et du Ciel’.

When we decorated our flat this spring, we put hanging rails in the hallway outside my studio to make a gallery.

Gallery Two at No. 5

Anyhow, the invisible sleeve is just that.

Suncast Shadows

Completely invisible.

Now, where did I put my fat quarter of metamaterial?


2 thoughts on “The Sleeve of Invisibility

  1. Great quilt, and love your gallery hallway! And I agree – the metmaterial would make interesting wearable art … if anyone could see it! Might have the same effect as the emperor’s new clothes … =D

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