Just time for a quickie

Fever’s broken, Steve’s back home and the sun is shining.  We’re going to meet up with a couple of our favourite Partners in Crime tomorrow and see the Giffords Circus.

I was going through some of my photos, etc. a few days ago and found a postcard of one of my favourite authors who said,

‘I finished my third novel “Julius”. It had taken me nine months –
all the labor of having a child. I drank its health in sloe gin!’
Daphne du Maurier

On Monday, we’re delivering my bed ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ to the NEC in Birmingham, England where it will be shown at the International Festival of Quilts.  When I’ve shown other quilts, I’ve been much more anonymous, but this time I’m taking my art out from under the proverbial bed! And it has been a nine month labour of love, intermittently between 1999 and 2012.

So, at once I feel like the proud craftswoman and parent .  .  .  .  .  .

Me in the bedframe that I made!

and I also feel the bittersweet sorrow of parting.  Only for a few days, but to put my creation out into the world is a biggie.

I heard this music on Radio 3 tonight.  A song about a sparrow.

It fit my mood earlier tonight when I was standing next to my stripped bedframe and looking out the window at the swallows inscribing their aerial calligraphy across the sky.  I thought of journeys and arriving Home.  I thought of everything I’ve gone through which has gone into my bed.

I was thnking about my bed going out into the world.  I have worked on it for a total of nine months, over a span of 13 years, so it is like a gestation and birth.  I feel at the same time exhausted and happy.  The past few days, while I’ve been up and down with the flu, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Enter the Forest of Dreams before we take her up to the NEC on Monday.

Handstitiching closed a couple of seams in the bed quilt, finishing painting the back of the quilt

working on an instruction manual to show how to construct the bed

Tabs holding the headboard quilt to the bed frame

and how the valance looks on the base of the mattress.

I might or might not be around much over the weekend.  If you’e so inclined, you can always stay in touch via my Facebook page Inspiraculum.

Hope to see some of you at the Festival of Quilts!  I’ll be there from Friday through Sunday.  Near the big bed in the Quilt Creations area.  Stop by and say ‘Hi’!


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