Road trip to Brum!

So.  Enter the Forest of Dreams has been delivered to the NEC in Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts, which runs from 16th to 19th August.

Ready to roll!

My Quilt Creations entry was too big to post in or drop off at a concierge’s desk, so I was able to take it direct to the NEC. Big thanks to the organisers – esp. Pam & Amanda!  Steve and I wrote an assembly/instruction manual, hired a van and delivered it directly to the Hall.

It was a rainy day, but we had clear roads and smooth sailing all the way up.

I packed a Dukan lunch into my trusty lunchbox.

Ham & cheese, yoghurt and Dukan biscuits

We stopped into Gordano Services for fuel.

Roadside mecca

Custard cream filled fabulousness and a cup o’ Joe

When we arrived, we walked through the empty, nearly set up halls.  It’s going to be great this weekend when the NEC is filled with beautiful quilts and wonderful people!

In one corner of Hall 9, white gloved Quilt Angels were busily unpacking this years entries.


We carried my bed to a quiet corner of the hall and headed back down the road.  If I have one wish for Enter the Forest of Dreams, it is that it will touch people in a place of beauty.

Enter the Forest of Dreams at the NEC

On the way back home, I kicked off my sneakers and curled up for a kip on the front seat.

I’m really looking forward to Friday when we go back up for the show!


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