Just Add Quilts and People

Day Two at the Festival of Quilts!

Remember this shot of the NEC from Monday?

Well here we are first thing this morning before the doors have opened:

and about an hour later.

I have a three day ticket, so am going for a few hours each day.  It’s less overwhelming that way.  I have enjoyed meeting some old friends from quilting; people I know from Devon and some from the Contemporary Quilt Group of the QGBI of which I’m a member.

I’ve also been hanging around my bed ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ and talking to people who’ve stopped to have a look.  It’s not the best lighting ever nor the most glamourous of settings, but people seem to find it beautiful.  I love telling people the story of my bed and how it has evolved into what they are now seeing.

Enter the Forest of Dreams, NEC

I had a lectern made and my husband Steve, who is a copywriter, designed and wrote a plaque which tells part of the story, but I love interacting with people and telling it myself.

Steve and I are staying in Digbeth which is my favourite part of Birmingham.  I’ve been taking a few photos and tonight we’re having a Lebanese meal with our great friends who live up here.

Digbeth Bus Station

I will be back at the Festival of Quilts tomorrow, the final day.  Please stop and visit my bed and say ‘Hi’ if I’m around.  And a hundred thousand welcomes to Inspiraculum if you’re a new visitor.


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