Enter the Forest of Dreams photo shoot

This is very exciting!  I met up with Bonnie McCaffery at the Festival of Quilts and she snapped a really nice photo of me and my bed.

Festival of Quilts, 2012

Bonnie is a great friend of mine, whom I meet up with for a few hours at a time when she’s here in the UK teaching or filming vidcasts.  Bonnie was filming video of quilts at the show for Luana Rubin of eQuilter.com and I was interviewed by Luana!

Bonnie McCaffery setting up the vidcast with Luana and I

After the Festival of Quilts, Steve and I broke down the bed, collected Bonnie and we all came down to Devon for a few days.

Some friends of ours let us use their property to photograph ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ in the woods.  It was the perfect setting and a beautiful day with sunlight twinkling through the trees.

Forest of Dreams photo shoot

We got some fantastic photographs from the day.  Here are a couple.

In the forest of dreams

I commissioned Bonnie to make a short film of me telling the story of ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’, from the making of the bed frame when I was a student at the Chippendale International School of Furniture through to all of the symbolism in the headboard and bed quilts.  At the end, the secret of the hidden valance is revealed.  Even though Bonnie lives in America, through the magic of the internet, we’ll be able to keep in touch while she’s producing the video.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it sometime in 2013!

On day two, we turned my living room into a photography studio and Bonnie took some amazing portrait photographs of me.  I’m saving those for another post.


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