No comment

A good thing about  showing my work is getting people’s feedback.  Here are some comments on ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ from folks I met at the Festival of Quilts 2012, interspersed with comments from the judges:

“So happy to see you and your work
getting this level of recognition!

“That was a dazzling piece. I enjoyed it.”

“So dreamy!”

“Wow! You made the wooden frame and everything?!”

“Fabulous design”

“I can just imagine the dreams
I would have in this bed!”

“It’s a fairy bed.”

“How beautiful. Everything.”

At the Festival of Quilts

2 thoughts on “No comment

  1. I read the judges comments and I think they were looking only at the cloth aspects of the piece and not the entire piece. A shame, but then again, you are breaking new ground. As you often do. Which is part of what makes you a truly gifted artist.

    • Thank you Judy! I’m glad I have the confidence to let it roll of my back and super glad that I was able to be at the show and speak to people. I may have felt pretty bummed out if all I got were those comments in the mail.

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