I just want to interrupt my regular broadcast and give a big “shout out” to my husband Steve.  If I hadn’t met him, I wouldn’t’ve been able to finish my love story and bed ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ for Chrissake!  He’s is a writer of copy, a driver of vans, a fabulous host to my studio visitors, the Champion of my Creativity – in this context, champion means to be its defender and protector.  Maybe some women would like a Knight in Shining Armor on a white charger, but I have my White Van Man Steve.

My Champion

I’ll say it purple:

If you can hear me,
I just want to say
‘Thank you so much

for believing in me
and valuing my artwork. 

Thank you for your material
and physical support. 

And thank you for
nurturing the place
from whence

and where
my artwork springs.”

Steve unloading the mattress at the NEC

Driving along the M5. Again.

Ready to roll!

He also wrote, and posed for some of the photos in my intructions on how to assemble the Forest of Dreams.

Step 6) Hang the quilt from the headboard. Requires two.

And wrote the copy for my ‘Interpretive Plaque’.

The Interpretive Plaque

Steve was in attendance at the ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’ photo shoot, but doing some freelance work on his laptop.  Astride a tractor.

Or leaning against a waggon when the tractor was put to use.

Or smoothing US-UK diplomatic relations as needed.

When we took our friend Bonnie up to Bristol for her flight back to the States, we stopped off at Valentine Bridge near the city centre for a photo sesh. This was special as it was the first place where Steve and I shared a kiss, about a month after we met in 2008.  We hadn’t been back since, but Bonnie captured the moment.

Most of all, thank you for believing in the forest of dreams  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


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