I’ve been Hetricked

I got this in my email inbox today:

From: Valerie Hetrick [mailto:valeriehe7@gmail.com]
Sent: 27 August 2012 06:11
To: Melinda Schwakhofer
Subject: Inquiry


My name is Valerie, i own a shop in Thailand, i visited your webpage, and will like to know if you have your merchandise and works available? Will a Master card be fine for payment? Please advise and let me know your delivery method, i can also use my carrier to make it easier.


Valerie Hetrick.

I’d just sent out an email shot yesterday with my latest newsletter.  Who knows how people find us online in these days of social networking?  I Googled the name, thinking it may actually be a quilt shop/gallery owner in Thailand.  Apparently I’m not the only artist whom this so called  ‘Valerie Hetrick’ has contacted.

A couple of clicks brought me to this website Stop Art Scams which keeps artists informed about, well, art scams.  These usually involve stolen credit card numbers or counterfeit checks and typically mention an ‘overpayment’ which will need to be refunded to the ‘purchaser or their carrier/shipping agent’.  From reading the comments on Anti Scam Samurai Kathleen McMahon’s site, people actually do get taken in.  So be aware and keep your wits about you!

Kathleen McMahon’s artwork can be seen here.


12 thoughts on “I’ve been Hetricked

  1. I too have been contacted by this person. I didn’t reply the first time, and have had another email today. I googled her and came up with your entry. This is not the first time this has happened to me – the previous one had a ‘shop in Norway’. Luckily I googled her too otherwise I could well have replied and fallen into the trap. I am an artist in the UK with my own website, so easy to find.

    • The Stop Art Scams website mentioned the ‘shop in Norway’. Well, now that we know these people are jerks, we can ignore them and put our positive energy into attracting real people who want to purchase our amazing artwork!

  2. Thanks For posting this Melinda.

    I received the same message. I wrote back suggesting she/he/it use PayPal.

    I then googled her/he/it and found your blog.

    I then got this reply “Am sorry i don’t use perpal, do you have a manual credit card charging machine?”

    I sent this reply “Why don’t you find another way to earn a living that doesn’t involve making other people miserable? You would also be able to look at yourself in a mirror.”

  3. Hi Melinda, thanks for posting this.. I too have received the same email, and your posting made it easy for me to google and confirm this as the scam I suspected it to be.

  4. Hello Melinda,
    yes I have been Hetricked too! Unfortunately I did send my tel contact but haven’t had any suspicious calls yet! Should have known better…the spelling was atrocious!

  5. Hi Melinda, further to my previous comment, I’ve just noticed you’re taking part in Devon Open Studios.. I am too, and am now wondering if the catalogue is where ‘Valerie Hetrick’ is obtaining details from? I will email Claire incase she would like to send out an email alerting participants to be aware of this person, and similar scams in general.

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