I’ve finished my away-from-home work for the week.  I now embark on my work-at-home.

I’m looking forward to structuring my “Stuff Your Inner Critter, I mean Critic!” workshop this weekend and making some more mixed media pieces to show and sell at my Open Studio (from 8th – 23rd September).  I’ll go to the gym tomorrow morning, while Steve sleeps in (he’s back late tonight) and my friend Miranda is coming on Saturday afternoon with chorizo, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil.  I need to supply sherry vinegar, good bread and a bottle of Rioja.  There could be Strawberries in Sherry Vinegar Redux for dessert.  Sorted!  There may be another food post coming up .  .  .  .  .  .  .

I’ve also decided to enter a mixed media reader challenge in Cloth Paper & Scissors magazine.  Jpg’s are due in about a week.  I’ve been thinking about it for the past three weeks, so once I get started on it, it should be a piece of piss.  BTW, that’s UK/NZ slang for a straightforward task that can easily be accomplished.

Apparently this is a vulgar variant of ‘piece of cake’.  It is of UK origin and the first records of it are from the RAF during WWII. Eric Partridge, in his A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, Edition 3, 1945, lists it like this:

“Piece of piss, a ‘piece of cake’… R.A.F.: 1940+.”

Hey, not bad, eh?  In a teensy post I managed to promote my workshops and open studio, titillate the gastronomes and give an etymology lesson.

I’m a maxi-tasker when I need to be.  Structure helps this.  As I’m learning in my explorations of organisation for the creative person.

And for all of the photo buffs, here’s my pic from today.


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