My ‘now famous on my blog’ friend Miranda came to lunch on Saturday bearing chorizo, fresh tomatoes and fresh herbs.  She made Jamie Oliver’s Andalucian Ensalada Sin Nombre.

Andalucian Ensalada

We had bought some frying steak which I grilled on our cast iron griddle and a decent bottle of Rioja.

For dessert I made Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar.

So we called it the Red Lunch.

I’ve been making some mixed media pictures combining textiles, my photography and haiku for my Open Studio beginning next Saturday.

Waiting for the sun

I showed one to Miranda and she asked, ‘Do you have any red dots?’.  Which I didn’t, so I made one.

Homemade red dot

It will hang throughout my exhibition.  What a great way to begin!

Suncast Shadows, on loan from the private collection of Miranda.

To end our red letter day, for dinner, Steve and I had the last of the romesco sauce with seared scallops and green beans.


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