I took a couple of photos of  the Victorian house where my workplace is located.  It’s a lovely old building with lots of character and a few period features.

There was the possibility that we would move out to a newer, but absolutely charmless, premise in Exeter Civic Centre, but we are staying put.  Hurrah!  This building has been offices for several years and is slightly shabby, so we are going to give it some TLC and a bit of a spruce up inside.  I’m pricing up some signage for outside of the building, hence the photos.

Front door

When I’d downloaded them, I zoomed onto the arch over the front door and saw these two fantastic creatures flanking either side of it.

I love them!  I’d never stopped to examine them before.  They’re each different down to  their tail, wings and skin texture.

Creature the First

Creature the Second

I have them be benign dragons or griffins.  What do you think?

This happy discovery reminds me of the treasures I often find when I stop and look at everyday things.


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