My day in pictures

Greeting the new day

Zesting orange peel for Florida Orange & Yoghurt coffee cake

Just another roadside attraction . . . .

Steve working on his screenplay betwixt leading guided tours

Today I led my first Stuff Your Inner Critic workshop.  In our kitchen.  While my artistic explorers were stitching, I read a little bit out loud from the chapter ‘The Imagination works slowly and quietly’.

Stuff Your Inner Critic workshop in progress

There was time for some writing and reflection on some of the sabotaging messages our Inner Critics whisper or shriek to us.

What she said


Stuffing her Inner Critic

Contemplating his Inner Critic

Tiger Lily

What (or who) is behind this door?

The wonderful Inner Critics made by my brave, creative compañeros today

At the end of the workshop, I presented each doll with a milagrito, a little miracle.  They are only small, but muy powerful.

His gift is the key

Her gift is a soft touch

Mulligatawny soup for supper


Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom


2 thoughts on “My day in pictures

  1. I adore my jackdaws! They belong to Corvidae, the same family as crows, rooks and ravens. This couple has recently moved into the chimney next door to us.The cake was fab. Will post recipe soon 🙂

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