I don’t usually hold with the Gregorian calendar that says the first day of Autumn falls on the equinox.  But it feels like it has this year.

Yesterday was a warmish, sunny Indian summer type day.


Today was chilly and rainy and misty over the hills.  We awoke to rain this morning, pattering on our bedroom window. This evening,  Steve and I leant out of our back window to hear the Good Night songs of the birds and saw mist resting on the treetops on Mardon Down and smoke wafting from a chimney.  We heard the bark of a distant dog and smelt the scent of woodsmoke.

I feel a bit sad that today is the final day of Devon Open Studios 2012.  It has been so wonderful.  Some amazing people have climbed our stairs, listened to and read some of the stories of my life in my artwork and sat at our kitchen table, ate cake and shared some of their stories. Some left a few tears, some left some new ideas, some left with chocolate chip cookies.  Everybody touched my heart in one way or another.

The rain is pittering now, on my studio window.

On this equinox, ‘equal night’ I remember that we hold the balance between dark and light in our hands and in our Souls.  The Muscogee creation story begins in the dark.  This is where I’m dreaming.

Where may your dreams be?


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