My vow to you all

A milestone is coming up.

Here’s the backstory.  I started my blog in November, 2006.  It was originally called ‘Sparky’s World.  The purpose was to keep my friend Anthony in California entertained and updated about my life in England.  He used to call me Sparky, hence the title.  The first ever post was called Forever Autumn.  Anthony has been a friend of mine for 28 years.  We met when I was studying Psychology at UC, Santa Barbara long, long before I found my creative métier in all things fibrous or ever dreamt of calling myself an artist.

I wrote then, as I do now, about my travels, what I see in the world around me and my response to it, my creative endeavours, what I’m about to eat, what I’ve eaten  .  .  .  .  .

My ‘About Me’ info has changed over the years, but Anthony wrote the first comment on that page just a few days after I started the blog.

By summer 2007 my blog had become ‘Inspiraculum’ and I was getting about  50 hits a day from people who weren’t Anthony. I wrote these words on 2nd November 2007:

“Today is the first birthday of ‘Inspiraculum’.  . . . . .   I have a few regulars and others who stumble in while searching for such various and sundry topics as graffiti, photography, food from the Middle Ages, Shoeless Joe Jackson, lutrador, William Blake . . . .

Life is a journey and I use my blog as a waymark to chart the Ramblings of a Rural and Urban Flaneur. There’s a lot to discover and explore out there (and in here!). It’s nice to take a break, consider, look at a thing from all sides for awhile, then carry on with the journey.

I’m glad that I am able to inspire you all, because this is really what it’s all about. Exploring the world and sharing what I find. Putting my unique and quirky spin on the things that capture my attention and hopefully giving you the opportunity to see things in a different way. Thanks for everyone’s comments and support!”

inspire, mid-14c., enspiren, “to fill (the mind and heart with grace)” also “to prompt or induce (someone to do something),” from O.Fr. enspirer (13c.), from L. inspirare “to infuse (as life) by breathing”.

My mission statement is still pretty much the same.  Now for the milestone.  Some time this month, I will welcome my 300,000th visitor to Inspiraculum.  Milestones like this can give us a chance to pause and take stock.

I’m still not quite sure about the ‘Like’ button.  I’m not big on chit-chat so am grateful that you, my readers, don’t expect a lot of back and forth in the comments section.  I don’t read articles about ‘How to get more traffic to your blog’.  I don’t intend to publsh a post every day or even every Monday.

What I will do is carry on much as I have been.  I’m very glad to have you along on my journey, whether you are a regular or just stopped in for some Plum Cake.  I know you’re here and I love all of the places that you come from.  We breathe together.   Namaste.

I’d like to end by saying that I vow never to mention Insalata Caprese and Tomato Riata in the same post.


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