Fox not Faux

When Steve and I were on our way home from the circus in August, we stopped in our favourite Cotswolds village of Nailsworth.  The main attraction is Williams Fish Market and Food Hall.  We wanted to stock up on chevrelard.  Alas it was closed, but we stumbled upon a quirky little courtyard coffee, cake and sandwich emporium, The Canteen.  We had a snack and on my way back from the loo, I noticed an open door.  This led to a shop called Sharland & Lewis – Home filled with antiques, vintage items, recreated pieces, linens, retro and industrial furniture, chic utilitarian homeware, etc.   It was closed, but I was able to wander about.

I spotted a lovely fur cape which I donned and wore back into the cafe, where it drew admiring comments and glances from my husband and all of the other patrons.  One little girl was very taken with it and cried ‘I love you, fox fur’ as she stroked it.  It was she who noticed that it was badly ripped on each shoulder.  The owners were away on a buying trip in France, so I wasn’t able to make an offer for it.

I took a photo of it before we continued our journey home.  Back in Exeter, I consulted Lady Lace aka Willow Hilson, owner of my local vintage clothing store in Exeter.  She reckoned that she could make any necessary repairs.  What with Open Studios and all, we didn’t make it back to Gloucestershire until last weekend.  The fur was still there and my fabulous husband bought it for me, after I bargained it down to half off the asking price.

The fox fur cape

It is now in the hands of Lady Lace.  She tsked, tsked, tsked when I took it to her.  It is a beautiful piece from the 1940’s, but hadn’t been looked after properly at all.  It’s lined with heavy black satin and has a layer of woolly stuff to give it shape and add warmth.  I’m really looking forward to picking it up this weekend AND wearing it.


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