Fortune Butter

Some people get their fortune from Chinese cookies.  We buy Lurpak Danish Spreadable Butter in 500g tubs, so once very 3-4 weeks I get my fortune when I lift the lid on a new pack.

This fits my life right now.  I feel as enthusiastic as a sausage about all of the great things that are happening.  I’m starting to run my first Creativity Coaching group and 1:1 sessions and have planned a Deep Art Making workshop for next Saturday with a new friend.  I’m applying to an art show in the South Hams and starting to think about my 2013 Sacred Threads entry.

I knew that this was coming, but on Thursday I watched, for the first time, the vidcast that Bonnie McCaffery made of  me showing my bed Enter the Forest of Dreams to Luana Rubin of eQuilters at the 2012 Festival of Quilts.  I had run into Bonnie and she grabbed me and said ‘Let’s go find Luana and show her your bed’ and off I was whisked to be filmed!  I had never met Luana before, but found her very easy to talk to and Bonnie is a great camera woman and editor so I knew it would be OK.

I am quite pleased with it, not least because it shows me telling the story of my bed and all of the many dimensions it occupies.  I think it gives people an idea of what it is about.

It feels great to have so much going on that I find exciting and engaging.  Even though the days are shortening and nights are closing in, there is a last minute flurry of activity and reaping of the harvest before I quieten down for the winter.  Steve and I rounded out our weekend socialising with friends, eating fantastic food, doing some DIY around the house and chilling out together.

I hope that everyone is finding their rhythm and feeling in sync with the season they are in.

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