Dark Passage

As I settle into Autumn, the waning time of the year, my attention is being caught by the glorious, distracting colours of the tree leaves and my thoughts become a-flurry with the swirling leaves and rushed along by the winds.


I am drawn to a snail wending it’s way up a wall,

a brilliant leaf fused to a stone slab by heavy rain,

the reassuring cycle of Love.  A paradox of death and renewal, birth and decay.

Still.  It is time to turn inward.

This is a time to walk a darkened path; familiar, yet unfamiliar; known, yet edgy.  But only so far at a time.   I’ve been down there before, only this time, I am not alone.

This is a time to gaze at obsidian reflected candlelight in the cosiness of home, at the kitchen table.

I adore this time of year, the time of spiralling inwards.


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