When the weather turns cold I get starving.  When I left work I thought about dinner and decided to get a steak at the end of the line.  I went for a piece of rump which was twice the size of the same price piece of sirloin, and in my opinion every bit as good.  I decided to have potato wedges and Sizzler toast on the side.  Easy, quick food that doesn’t require a recipe.

I also got a cool potato shaped like a cat!

The Catato

First, I heated the oven to 400°F/200°C and put a spoonful of Iberian lard in a baking tray to melt.  BTW, this is lard rendered from Spanish pigs who have feasted on acorns and in this cook’s opinion, the best thing to make roast potatoes or oven chips from, with the addition of potatoes, of course.  Pre-heating the pan keeps the potatoes from sticking.

After I put the wedges into the sizzling hot pan, I set the timer for about 15 minutes.  Then I poured myself a glass of wine,  uploaded my catato photo to Facebook and Skyped with my husband who’s away.

When the timer went off, I bid  Steve ‘au revoir’, turned the grill on and moved the potatoes to a lower rack.  Then inserted the rump steak which I drizzled with some olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Set the timer for 6 minutes, sliced the French bread and spread one side of each slice with a 40/60 mix of softened butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

After 6 minutes, I jiggled the wedges, turned my rump over and heated a non-stick skillet to pretty hot.  At the last minute, the toast gets cooked cheese side down only for about 90 seconds until the butter melts and the cheese turns golden brown and crispy.  This was such a great meal.  I love eating good food when I’m really hungry!

Bon appetite!


3 thoughts on “Catato!

  1. I’d love to get some of that Iberian lard … I bet it’s great. I am actually saving some fat trimmmings from Prosciutto to use … I don’t have much but it is SO sweet!

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