A Fabulous Furry Thanksgiving

Steve and I getting together with my American cousin and her family on Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving.  They’re living with their new baby #5 in a beautiful part of Devon called the South Hams.  Susan and I Skyped last night to finalize the menu.  All the usual suspects:  Turkey, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, roasted root vegetables, sweet potatoes & marshmallows, a curious side dish of green beans and canned mushroom soup topped with crispy fried onions which would only appear on a Thanksgiving table, cornbread and of course, pecan pie.

We divvied up the list and I’ll be doing some cooking on Saturday.  They’re getting the turkey from Aune Valley Meat, a family run butchers.  They went to check it out a couple of days ago and said the turkeys are still alive and kickin’ and one will be butchered to order for our feast on Sunday.  It will be slowly cooked in an AGA, so should be fantastic!

I got to thinking about a Fabulous Furry Freak Brother cartoon I read when I was about eight.  I grew up in the 1960’s in Southern California and my big sibs were hippies, so I used to peruse their stash of Underground Comix.  Of course I didn’t understand most of them at the time.   This one’s pretty funny.  For a closer look you can click on it and zoom in.

Of course the Aune Valley crew will probably be using a more traditional butchering method!

I hope everybody in the US has had a good and happy Thanksgiving and that you all have plenty to be thankful for. Lots of love x

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