Old and improved

I’ve had a great single-handed pepper mill for about 7 years and it broke in November.  It had done many years of daily service and was super convenient to have next to the stove for freshly ground pepper.  It was shaped like a rabbit and one of it’s ears snapped clean off.

I went online to get a replacement and found that the company has, according to their website, “refreshed, revamped and updated” it, for no apparent reason that I can make out.  I honestly don’t understand why companies see fit to change perfectly good products.  There are now two versions of the Chef’n Pepperball.  This one looks lame and its called a G’Rabbit, which is just stupid.


I opted for this version which was not dissimilar to the original one.

chef'n 2

The base of the ears twists off to fill it, which is supposed to be one of the improvements.  We found though that occasionally whilst using it, the top would loosen and have to be re-tightened, but this fault was liveable with for the convenience of the gadget.  Then a week ago, the new and improved Pepperball broke!

chef'n 4

So I went onto ebay, entered my first ever auction and got a new, old-school, slightly used, replacement pepperball for £1.05 which arrived today.  Hurrah!

chef'n 3

Now we can here-forth grind our peppercorns with impunity and abandon.  I like the packing material too,

Donnie Darko

“28 days… 6 hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds. That… is when the world… will end.”
– Frank the Rabbit from Donnie Darko


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